Aarhus University is pleased to announce the

        PhD summer school “Aerobiology: microbiology meets atmospheric sciences”.


The course is aimed for Master and PhD students in natural sciences with an interest in aerobiology, and it will be held at Aarhus University on June 19-30, 2017.

The school will cover: (1) the interrelations between primary biological aerosol particles and the processes of cloud formation, precipitation development, as well as chemical processing in the atmosphere; (2) health and environmental effects of PBAP; (3) microbial physiology in the atmosphere and it’s relevance for microbial dispersal and biogeography. Participants will gain both theoretical and hands-on experience for studying these topics using a range of techniques and instruments. Finally, there will be opportunities to discuss the challenges facing researchers in the field.

More detailed information is available in the attached announcement. Also, you can find updated information here: http://sac.au.dk/currently/aerobiology-summer-school-19-30-june-2017/.

To apply, please register and send a short biography to temkiv@phys.au.dk by April 17th, 2017.