The NOSA Aerosologist Award2015

The Nordic Aerosologist Award goes to Prof Merete Bilde at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Prof Merete Bilde is awarded the Aerosologist Award 2015 for her important research on atmospheric aerosols and for her contribution to Nordic collaboration. This international prize is awarded persons for advancing and supporting aerosol science in the Nordic countries. Prof Merete Bilde has an impressive experience in the field of aerosol science where her work has significantly improved our knowledge on central processes affecting aerosol particles and their effects on climate, particularly the cloud-forming properties of aerosol particles.

The Award is given: For the support of aerosol science in the Nordic countries.

To qualify for the Award, the support of Nordic aerosol science does not necessarily restrict candidates to those who have carried out important work within pure or applied aerosol science. Also work promoting Nordic aerosol science in general will be appreciated. Interdisciplinary aerosol-related research is also considered.

All NOSA members are free to suggest candidates for the Award. Contact anyone of the board members. In particular, we encourage suggestions for female Award candidates. The Award is normally presented in connection with the NOSA Aerosol Symposia.