Intensive Courses(Winter school, summer school, autumn school)

“Atmospheric Processes and Feedbacks and Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions”, Winter school

March 6-17, 2017,Hyytiälä,Finland

“Winter school on the observation and modeling of high-latitude and Arctic clouds”,

19 – 25 March, 2017,Hyytiälä, Finland

13th Summer School on Atmospheric Aerosol Physics, Measurement, and Sampling
5-12 May 2017, Hyytiälä, Finland

4th ICOS Summer School on Challenges in GHG observations and modeling, Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station
24 May – 2 June 2017, Hyytiälä, Finland

Summer school in ‘First steps in Biosphere-Atmosphere Modelling’

June 5-16 in Aarhus, Sweden (5 ECTS)


University Courses

Mass Spectrometry in Atmospheric Sciences and Environmental analysis(Every other year)

Jan.2017-March.2017 in Helsinki, Finland (5ETCS)


Basics of atmospheric chemistry,

17.01.17 – 07.03.17 in Helsinki, Finland (5 ETCS)
Cloud physics(every spring semester)Aerosols (every second year)



Airborne transmission of infectious agents
26-28 April 2017, Lund, Sweden


Aerobiology: microbiology meets atmospheric sciences
19-30 June 2017, Aarhus, Denmark



Chemistry and Climate
Fall 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden


Aerosol Technology (every year)
October-December, Lund, Sweden


Atmospheric Chemistry (every year)
Start 1 November, Gothenburg, Sweden

Previous Courses

Particles and Health given by METALUND

April 2012 in Lund, Sweden (6 ECTS)

Organic Aerosols and Cloud Formation

NOSA summer school 2009, 16-22 August in Hyytiälä, Finland. Deadline 31 May (3 ECTS)