Statement for ECS board

Statement for new committee members to enter the NOSA ECS (Early Career Scientists) board


Bernadette Rosatti


2017 – present: Postdoctoral fellow, University of Aarhus

Research Project: Ageing of sea spray aerosols

2016 Postdoctoral fellow, University of Vienna

Research Project: Urban new particle formation and air mass back trajectory analysis

2011 – 2015: PhD, Paul Scherrer Institute – ETH Zürich

Dissertation title: „Airborne profiling of aerosol hygroscopic and optical properties in the planetary boundary layer”

Research Focus:

· Water uptake of aerosol particles at sub- and supersaturated relative humidities and effects on particle size, cloud forming potential and optical properties

· Changes in physical and chemical properties of aerosol particles due to ageing processes in the atmosphere


Karin Lovén

My name is Karin Lovén and I am a PhD student in Aerosol Technology in Lund, Sweden. My research focus is within occupational exposure to different kinds of aerosols and the potential health effects they may cause. I work with different aerosol measurement techniques as well as collaborates with medical personnel within my research. I have been a member of the NOSA ECS board since 2016 and would like the opportunity to continue and develop this work.


Epameinondas Tsiligiannis

Hello all,

My name is Epameinondas (Nondas) Tsiligiannis and I am a PhD student at the Department of Chemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Gothenburg. My research is mainly focused on experimental studies on the oxidation of anthropogenic and biogenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and their relation to the formation of secondary organic aerosol (SOA). I have also worked on in situ measurements of water content of atmospheric particles, during my master studies at the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, Greece. I apply for the ECS board, because I believe that I can contribute to the success of the next European Aerosol Conference (EAC 2019) which will be hosted in Gothenburg as well as to the promotion of aerosol science through NOSA.


Sara Marie Blichner, PhD student, University of Oslo, Norway

I was on the NOSA ECS board last year and would like to continue to make 
a contribution of the board this year.
Currently, I’m in the second year of my PhD, studying feedbacks through 
BVOC emissions and aerosol formation in high latitudes using the the 
Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM). I’m fairly friendly and I have 
relevant experience from both organizing and board activities from being 
active in the Green Party in Norway.


Olga Garmash

Hello! My name is Olga Garmash and I am originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I am currently doing my PhD in the field of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of Helsinki. I investigate the oxidation of aromatic compounds, more specifically focusing on Highly Oxygenated Molecules and their role in the formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol. I perform experimental studies in the atmospheric chambers as well as field measurements. I would like to serve as a part of ECS board because I would like to help in organizing events and activities for Nordic early-career aerosol community as well as promote the networking and interaction among ECS.

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