A first meeting, where also the first steps towards founding NOSA were taken, was held 1978 in Stockholm.
The first real NOSA scientific meeting was arranged in Göteborg in 1982.
Counting until the NOSA-2014 Aerosol Symposium, Sweden has hosted 14 NOSA meetings (including EAC 1988), Denmark 5 meetings, Finland 4 meetings, and Norway 4 meetings.

Year Date Location Special topic, Proceedings Local organizers
2018 26-28 March Helsinki, Finland Organic Aerosols – Proceedings of NOSA-FAAR symposium 2018 University of Helsinki
2017 20-22 March Lund, Sweden – Synchrotron radiation studies of surface structures – Soot and atmospheric particles – Modelling – Health effects – Particles in the working environment Lund University
2016 4-6 April Aarhus, Denmark – Atmospheric Aerosol Studies – Aerosol formation and growth Aarhus University
2015 12-13 March Kuopio, Finland – Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions – Ice Nucleation – Source-Specific Emissions and Health – Aerosol-Based Nanotechnology FMI, Atmospheric Research Centre of Eastern Finland University of Eastern Finland
2014 30-31 Jan Stockholm, Sweden Aerosol processes Aerosols and Climate Aerosols and Health ITM, Stockholm University
2012 15-16 Nov Helsingør, Denmark Bioaerosols DMU, Copenhagen Univ., Aarhus Univ., AMI
2011 10-11 Nov Tampere, Finland (with FAAR) – Traffic Related Aerosols – Aerosol synthesis – Atmospheric aerosols Tampere University of Technology
2009 12-13 Nov Lund, Sweden Novel approaches for in-situ measurements of aerosol particles CAST at Lund University
2008 6-7 Nov Oslo, Norway Climate Effects of Aerosols NILU
2007 8-9 Nov Helsingør, Denmark Airborne Nano-particles: New Technologies and Impacts DMU, Copenhagen Univ., Aarhus Univ., AMI
2006 9-10 Nov Helsinki, Finland (with FAAR) Aerosol Formation Helsinki University, FMI
2005 3-4 Nov Göteborg, Sweden Aerosol Chemistry Göteborg University
2004 11-12 Nov Stockholm, Sweden Combustion Aerosols ITM, Stockholm University
2003 13-14 Nov Copenhagen, Denmark Aerosols and Water KIKU, Copenhagen
2002 7-8 Nov Oslo, Norway Organic Aerosols NILU
2001 8-9 Nov Lund, Sweden Aerosol Particles and Human Health LTH
1998 12-13 Nov Helsinki, Finland with FAAR Helsinki University
1997 23-24 Oct Göteborg, Sweden CTH
1996 15-17 Nov Helsingör, Denmark NOSA/NORSAC Risö National Laboratory, Denmark
1994 20-21 Oct Lund, Sweden LTH
1992 27-28 Oct Stockholm, Sweden Arbetsmiljöinstitutet
1990 15-16 Nov Copenhagen, Denmark Arbejdsmiljöinstituttet
1988 30 Aug – 2 Sept Lund, Sweden First European Aerosol Conference (with GAeF) LTH
1987 11-12 Nov Lilleström, Norway NILU
1985 13-14 Nov Tampere, Finland with FAAR Tampere University of Technology
1984 21-22 Nov Umeå, Sweden FOA
1983 22-23 Nov Studsvik, Sweden Naturvårdsverket, Studsviks Energiteknik AB
1982 16-17 Oct Göteborg, Sweden First NOSA scientific meeting CTH, IVL
1978 17 Oct Stockholm, Sweden NOSA founded (Arrheniuslaboratoriet) MISU
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